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New to Jade? You’re in the right place. Let’s start with the big picture.

The Jade suite of tools empowers developers to create peer-to-peer decentralized applications on top of EVM-based blockchains like Ethereum Classic.

Jades tooling has a few goals we believe are essential for any mission critical application:

  • Users should be in control of thier account
    • This draws fine lines between where private keys are stored, how transactions are signed, and how they are broadcast.
  • Uniformly Documented Interfaces
  • Developers should have an easy way of deploying the entire stack of their application
    • Reduces the barrier to entry
  • Applications should be able to run almost anywhere. Browser, smartphones, Native Desktop, etc...
  • Users should have the option to choose a security model that fits themselves not the application developer.

To maximize the quality of our open sourcce software, Jade projects follow our Pristine open standard to ensure high quality contributions, documentation driven development philosphy, and reduce variance to improve re-use across projects.

The Structure of a Truly P2P Application

Jade is broken down into layers to make it easier to explain, document, consume, and develop for:


Right now, thousands of developers all over the world are building protocols that use JSON-RPC, and inventing new kinds of applications, many of which can benefit from Jade today:

Welcome to jade.builders.

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