Developer Resources

Getting started

If you’re new to developing with Jade, you’re in the right place. These projects and repositories are written by the Jade community will introduce you to the basics of Jade and introduce core concepts that might be different from other API development you’re familiar with.

Need a more basic non-technical primer first? Check out

Jade Service Runner

Jade Service Runner is an opinionated JSON-RPC service manager, that provides daemonization, installation, and discovery for JSON-RPC based services.

Service Runner helps developers gain access to a user’s locally run services. It provides users with a management and installation tooling, that allows developers to discover services and reliably request access to those services.

Jade Signer RPC

Jade Signer RPC lets users manage keys and sign transactions offline for any EVM-based blockchain.

Jade Signer RPC is an API to support the generation, import, and/or storing of Ethereum Private Keys. It uses the Web3 Secret Storage Definition to store keys offline and optionally use BIP39 to generate mnemonic phrases. This software has no access to outside nodes or APIs.

Jade Explorer

A block explorer for EVM-based blockchains.

The explorer uses Jade Service Runner for managing background services (Multi-Geth), OpenRPC for underlying functionality, and Pristine.


The specification for Jade